BioSTEM Leader Award

Has your school created an environment that engages, excites and educates? That inspires in today’s bright, young minds an intellectual curiosity for the biosciences?

2018 BioSTEM Leader Awardee
Boston Leadership Institute Boston, MA

The Biotechnology Institute seeks nominations for all types of K-12 schools (public, private, parochial, etc. whether elementary, middle or high school) that have built superior programs in STEM and have a strong emphasis in the biological sciences or biotechnology.

We are interested in hearing about schools that not only leverage educational tools and technologies, but also leverage the talents of staff and students alike, to build excitement and enthusiasm around a “bio”STEM curriculum.  Of particular interest are programs that go beyond “experiential” science to more “experimental” science.

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, principal or other community member, we want to hear from you.  If you know an ideal candidate for the BioSTEM Leader Award, please contact us with the requested information below.  Additional details for 2018 BioSTEM Leader Award will be available on this site shortly.  Stay tuned but in the meantime, submit your nomination for consideration and include the following in this order:

  1. Your name and contact information (address, email, phone)
  2. School nominee (name, address, nominee point of contact and contact information)
  3. In 250 words or less, describe (a) why the nominee stands out in the general field of STEM education and programs in life sciences/biotechnology in particular, (b) 2-3 specific examples (programs, community activities, etc.) of how they lead in this effort, and (c) professional and personal attributes of staff that qualify them as a leaders in STEM and biosciences in particular.
  4. Any awards the nominee has received in the past 3-5 years
  5. Two supporting references (inclusion of their letters of support are desirable)
  6. A statement as to the availability of a school representative to be in Boston, MA during the dates of June 3-6, 2018 and what if any constraints they might face to do so.

Note: this award recognizes the entire school, not any one faculty member, or program.

How to Submit your Application

  • Submit items 1-6 as a single document (Word or PDF) 
  • Email as an attachment to
  • Email with subject line: "BioSTEM Leader Award Application"

For Sponsors:

Sponsorship of the BioGENEius Hall of Fame Award or the BioGENEius Mentor or BioSTEM Leader Awards are included as options in the Diamond Sponsorship opportunity of the Institute.  If you are interested in sponsoring programs of the Institute, please contact us