The Biotechnology Institute stimulates interest in research opportunities and career awareness in the field of biotechnology in students within the K-12 educational system.

To add greater impact to this mission, the Institute initiated a new program in 2015 – the Adopt-A-School Program.  Equality in education, particularly in the sciences, is a national goal and one that the Institute embraces and will act upon in its efforts in school systems across the U.S. through its CSBI alliance network.

How It Works

The Institute, through financial support and guidance, will unite a magnet or blue ribbon STEM high school with a local high school in the same district whose students and teachers, for lack of resources or strong STEM implementation, would greatly benefit from knowledge access and research opportunities in biotechnology available in the “adopting” school.  As part of this local alliance, the Institute will bring its industry partners and a local community college into the equation to offer additional in-kind support and career guidance. 

Working together, the schools will develop a custom program that enables students and teachers at the “adopted” school to experience the world of biotechnology in ways previously unavailable. The intended outcomes are to allow those students to showcase their inner talent and promote awareness of the myriad of career paths available to them at all levels post-K-12 both in higher education and the workplace.

What Happens?

The Institute intends to foster direct teacher-teacher and student-student interactions to transfer knowledge of best educational practices in “bio” STEM, project brainstorming, team projects, and facilities and resources access among other things.  Industry partners provide insight into the many areas of discipline within the biotechnology, mentorship, and in-kind resources to enable high quality projects, while the community college representatives can provide teaching skills assistance and career development guidance, both educational and in opportunities within the local and regional industry. 

Where Is It?

The pilot of Adopt-A-School Program launched in 2015 in Washington, DC.  As with any new program, the Institute will itself learn, adapt, refine and optimize the programmatic elements in order to expand a well-designed transportable program through our local partners to cities across the U.S. in 2018 and beyond.  Stay tuned on (web link to this page) for updates on our progress!

How Can You Help?

If you are:

  • a STEM teacher or educational administrator,
  • a community college science/biotechnology teacher or CC career program administrator,
  • individual with experience with similar programs
  • AND an unbridled enthusiast for the potential that biotechnology can offer to solve global problems in healthcare, agricultural sustainability, and industrial-environmental balance,

We would welcome your (1) general inputs and/or (2) suggestions for next launch cities.  In the latter case, we would ask for a suggestion with regard to the "adopting" and "adopted" school pair, the local community college partner, as well as the names of any local biotechnology companies with a demonstrated commitment to their community. For more information, please contact the Institute at or join our program blog.