Local BioGENEius Challenges

Your journey to the International BioGENEius Challenges starts in your state.

Does your state have a thriving biotechnology community or corridor?

If so, it’s probably on the list of states to the left of this screen, which host their own Local BioGENEius Challenges. (California Bay Area, California SoCal Area, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois,Iowa, Maine, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia; see Kansas for 2021.)  If you are a high school or home schooled from these states, your application begins by entering the Local BioGENEius Challenge.

If not, please refer to the information on applying to the At-Large BioGENEius Challenge.

Why apply? This is your chance to bring your project idea to national prominence.

We are offer three BioGENEius Challenge tracks to line up better with your research interests, and connect you to the mentors and judges who will know the most, about the science you’re most passionate about. This means even more chances for you to possibly win recognition and a spot at the International BioGENEius Challenges.

List of participating states and local partners – click here

Read more about the  International BioGENEius Challenges here, or about our three challenge tracks by clicking on the links above.

* Please remember each Local Challenge has its own deadline listed on its respective webpage. 

What kinds of projects are successful?

Most projects contain certain common attributes:

  • Investigator ingenuity, intellectual curiosity, and thorough knowledge in the field of research.
  • A novel finding, not making an obvious extension of another's work.
  • Solo experimentation or a commanding participation if part of a group.
  • Demonstration of knowledge as to the practical application of your research to the "real world".
  • Strong mentor recommendation and complete answers to mentor questions.