At-Large BioGENEius Challenge

** Due to Covid-19, the BIO International Conference has been moved to a digital platform.  Details of the 2021 International BioGENEius Challenge will be provided in the coming weeks. **

If your state is not one of our Local Partners, you can still participate in the 2021 BioGENEius Challege Competition!

We provide a virtual stage for your project, with expert judges and a competitive environment to make sure the best of the best make it to the International BioGENEius Challenge.

The At-Large BioGENEius Challenge is designed for high school or home schooled students who do not attend school in a state with a Local Challenge: local Challenges include California Bay Area, California SoCal Area, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Your journey to present your project and findings to our industry expert judges at BIO 2021 starts with an application (login here), in one of our three BioGENEius Challenges:

We highly recommend that you have placed in the upper 5% of participants in your 2021 local, regional or even better, state science fair to be as competitive as possible in the At-Large BioGENEius Challenge.

Currently we will advance one (1) student from the At-Large Challenge to the International BioGENEius Challenge.  This may always change so don't be discouraged from applying. The deadline for the At-Large Challenge is April 30, 2021.  Please click here to review the instructions on How to Apply

There’s more than money though–this is your chance to be considered alongside the best and brightest high school minds in biotechnology, to meet today’s leaders in the industry while hanging out with tomorrow’s leaders. Will you join us? Click here to start your application.

What kinds of projects are successful?

Most top projects contain certain common attributes:

  • Investigator ingenuity, intellectual curiosity, and thorough knowledge in the field of research.
  • A novel finding, not making an obvious extension of another's work.
  • Solo experimentation or a commanding participation if part of a group.
  • Demonstration of knowledge as to the practical application of your research to the "real world".
  • Strong mentor recommendation and complete answers to mentor questions.
  • And of course, a complete application !!