The Biotechnology Institute supports the full spectrum of biotechnology learning, from student, to teacher and mentor. The following materials are provided as a snapshot of the information in our library to help all of our audiences heal, feed and fuel the world.

For Students

The Biotechnology Institute is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to engage in the premier biotechnology research competition for high school students, culminating in awards presented at the annual BIO International Convention.

For Teachers

The Institute provides teachers and their students with classroom materials and information about careers in biotechnology and their potential to heal the sick, feed the hungry, restore the environment and fuel the economy.

For additional resources in your area please visit our Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI) partners.

The Biotechnology Institute recognizes outstanding achievements in STEM education:

For Everyone

With STEM education in the forefront of the nation’s global competitiveness and future economic health, the Institute is dedicated to working with our state biotech partners on programs in life science education including student education, career exploration and professional development.