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*** Update 2/5/21 ***

CLSI Amgen Bay Area BioGENEius Challenge Changed to a Virtual Competition

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, CLSI’s 2020 Bay Area BioGENEius Challenge will take place as a virtual competition on April 23rd, 2021.  Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Amgen, we are moving forward with a full virtual program that includes the judging of poster presentations followed by a career panel and awards ceremony.


The California Life Sciences Institute’s (CLSI’s) 2021 Amgen Bay Area BioGENEius Challenge is open for submission! The 2021 Challenge will take place on April 23rd, 2021 online. Please click here to apply for and learn everything you need to know about applying for the BioGENEius Challenge.

Students in grades 9-12 may enter their life science/biotech related regional fair projects as long as they meet the criteria listed on the National competition web site.  Applicants do not need to enter a previous fair to qualify for the Bay Area Challenge, however, we encourage students to submit projects from other ISEF regional science fairs (see below).

*** ENTRANTS in the Local Challenge must be available to compete in the International BioGENEius Challenge at the Digital BIO International Convention June 10-11 & 14-18, 2021) if you place ***


When:  April 23, 2021

Where:  Online virtual platform

Applications:  Deadline for submissions March 26, 2021

Local Challenge Awards:

  • First place: $2,000
  • Second place $1,000
  • Third place $500
  • Honorable mention prizes (3)

The First place winner of the Amgen Bay Area BioGENEius Challenge will compete in the International BioGENEius Challenge, which will take place as a virtual competition at BIO Digital in June (TBD).

U.S. INTERNational BioGENEius Challenge

When:  TBD

Where:  Online virtual competition

International Challenge Awards:

  • First place: $7,500


  1. Students must be enrolled in biology or science-related courses (Grade 9 to 12) in any public or private school within the United States.
  2. Individual Students only may submit ONE project for this competition.
  3. Research presented in 2021 must be NEW research. Projects may be continued research from previous years. Any project conducted in a similar area of research as previous projects should be considered a continuation. If the project is a continuation, explain as completely as possible how the project will differ from previous experimentation because ONLY a new and different research project is allowed. The current year project must demonstrate significant progress. Explain when the actual experimental procedure (not the background literature review) will begin and end because ONLY a 12-month project that occurred within the last 18 months before this year’s International BioGENEius Challenge is allowed.
  4. For more information regarding the Judging Criteria click here. For more information regarding Rules and Guidelines click here.


You must precisely follow the poster guidelines, which can be found


To complete an online application for the Amgen Bay Area BioGENEius Challenge, please click here  and select “California (Bay Area).” Submissions must be completed by March 26, 2021. We encourage you to submit your applications sooner, if possible.


We encourage Bay Area Challenge candidates to also enter one of the following fairs:

Alameda County Synopsys Science & Engineering Fair: March 14, 2021 Click here for information and application.
Contra Costa County Science & Engineering Fair: March 11-13, 2021 Click here for information and application
Monterey County Science & Engineering Fair: March 20, 2021 Click here for information and application.
Sacramento Science & Engineering Fair: March 15-21, 2021 Click here for information and application.
Golden Gate STEM Fair: Starting March 8, 2021 Click here for information and application.
Santa Cruz County Science & Engineering Fair: March 13, 2021 Click here for information and application.
Santa Clara Valley Science & Engineering Fair: March 10-11, 2021 Click here for information and application.
Sonoma County STEAM ShowcaseSuspended for 2020-2021 Click here for information


Amgen Bay Area BioGENEius Challenge Contact:

Johnson Yang, BioGENEius Contact, California Life Sciences Institute,, (650) 871-3254.

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