About Us

The Biotechnology Institute directs national programs and competitions that reach a wide spectrum of audiences. Whether as a participant, student, sponsor or patron, your involvement in the Institute’s programs builds new connections and enhance the biotechnology community for generations to come.

Programs & Activities

BioGENEius Challenges – The BioGENEius Challenges provide high school students the opportunity to compete and be recognized for outstanding research in biotechnology. Students have the opportunity to apply and compete for top honors in the Global Healthcare Challenge (Medical Biotechnology), the Global Sustainability Challenge (Agricultural Biotechnology) or the Global Environment Challenge (Industrial/Environmental Biotechnology)

CSBI – The Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI) exists to deliver industry-led science education, workforce development and entrepreneurship programs through the coordinated efforts of its 43 state bioscience organization members.

Leadership Awards – The Institute’s Leadership Awards recognize the BioGENEius alumni, teachers and mentors–the engines of the industry who inspire, groom and guide the next generation of biotechnology leaders.community

Adopt-a-School – A community-focused outreach program to bring resident expertise in bio-STEM education and biotechnology research innovation to those less privileged schools in the local education system.

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