BioGENEius Sponsors

Our Sincere Thank You

The Biotechnology Institute and its national programs would not exist if not for the generous support and guidance from our high level industry sponsors and the belief of our patrons.  In particular, The Diamond Sponsors of the Institute and the BioGENEius program provide the critical financial foundation necessary to sustain excellence, national reach, and explore new opportunities to fulfill our mission to engage, excite and educate our future innovators in biotechnology. 

2015 marked a new direction for the Institute and thus new sponsor opportunity.  In an effort to recognize and support research opportunities across the significant breadth of biotechnology, the Institute now features 3 distinct BioGENEius Challenges:

Each Challenge will solicit and reward the nation’s most outstanding high school innovators in these individual categories, culminating in their awards ceremony at the annual BIO International Conference and a chance to experience and engage with more than 16,000 leaders from the global industry, academic and government communities.

We are pleased to recognize Johnson & Johnson Innovation as the 2020 sponsor of the Global Healthcare Challenge!

The 2022 Sponsor Campaign

As we challenge students across the U.S. and abroad, so to do we have the challenge of sustaining the excellence and growth of our programs.  For 2022, we are seeking a single major corporate sponsor for each of the two remaining Global Challenges, the Sustainability and Environment Challenges. These sponsorships are the foundation of the Institute and its ability to deliver impactful programs.  Each comes with a set of prescribed and customizable deliverables.  We invite you to explore these opportunities with us and learn more.

For more information regarding Institute sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dr. Larry Mahan by email at