BioGENEius Challenges

Overview – Real, Relevant, Innovative Research

The BioGENEius Challenges are your opportunity to compete on an international stage with some of the brightest scientific minds in the world.

Are you a BioGENEius?

Imagine discovering a cure to a rare disease, optimizing crop production to provide millions more with affordable food, or even culturing new algae to break down water contaminants. We challenge you to explore projects in any of the above, and more, and present your work to industry innovators currently transforming the scientific landscape.

Are you ready to collaborate with the best minds in biotechnology, and shape the future of the industry? Then yes, you are a BioGENEius.

Three Tracks–Expanding Student Opportunities, Tailoring the Experience to Your Interests

The BioGENEius Challenge expanded into three new Challenge tracks, giving students more opportunities than ever before to apply, earn recognition and win awards for their projects:

We challenge you to come up with new and diverse project ideas in these three areas. Our judges, selected for their knowledge, talent and experience in each of the three areas, will focus and tailor their feedback to each student’s project.

*Please remember each Challenge has its own deadline listed on its respective webpage.


Do you know a BioGENEius?  Meet ours.

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