BioGENEius Partners

The Biotechnology Institute and its national programs would not exist if not for the generous support and guidance from our high level industry sponsors and our partner organizations.  In particular, BioGENEius Partners provide the critical infrastructure and the community outreach necessary to sustain excellence and explore new opportunities to fulfill our mission to engage, excite and educate our future innovators in biotechnology.

  • Bioscience Association of Maine
  • California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI)
  • Colorado BioScience Association
  • Delaware Biotechnology Institute
  • Georgia Bio
  • iBIO Institute
  • Harrisburg University
  • KansasBio
  • MdBio Foundation Inc.
  • New Mexico Biotechnology Association
  • North Carolina Biomedical Council
  • Southern California Biomedical Council
  • Virginia Biotechnology Association