Become a Local Partner

Invitation to Prospective Partners of the
Biotechnology Institute to Conduct
Local BioGENEius Competitions of the
International BioGENEius Challenge

Engaging future scientists in cutting edge biotechnology research

The Biotechnology Institute invites State Bioscience organizations throughout the United States to become partners with the Institute to operate local BioGENEius competitions in their communities and to send winning entrants to the International competition in Boston, MA in June 2018 prior to the BIO International Convention.

The International BioGENEius Challenges are the only U.S. based international high school student competitions in biotechnology. Students develop independent research projects with the advice of mentors from local institutions of higher learning, companies, or their schools, according to the rules of the International Science and Engineering Fairs (ISEF). In the past, many of these projects have been developed for both the International BioGENEius Challenges and the ISEF or STS Competitions. Local BioGENEius competitions offer additional opportunities to recognize outstanding projects and inducements for more students to develop biotechnology projects.

Goals for local competitions:

1.       To encourage many more students to undertake biotechnology research projects,

2.       To increase awareness of biotechnology advances and industry opportunities locally, and

3.       To provide local competitors support to compete in the premier biotechnology research competitions in Boston, MA for more than $22,000 in prizes and awards.

Finalists will present their work to top biotech industry leaders and world class scientists, and winners will receive their awards on stage at the BIO International Convention keynote luncheon in front of thousands of leading representatives of industry. In the past, such experiences have been
life-changing events in the academic development of these talented future scientists.

For more information please contact the Biotechnology Institutes BioGENEius Team at