The Global Sustainability Challenge

Are you the next BioGENEius in Global Sustainability?

The Global Healthcare Challenge is focused in agricultural biotechnology.

Most don’t realize that humans have been using agricultural biotechnology for thousands of years, harnessing the power of fermentation and capitalizing on yeasts and other microorganisms to improve the food supply. In the last 40 years, however, researchers have made tremendous strides, breaking the code of plant genomes to improve crop resistance, generate higher yields with less harmful inputs (e.g. herbicides and pesticides) and enhancing the nutrition in the world’s food supply.

More than 13.3 million farmers, around the world, are using biotechnology-derived ideas and technologies, and this number will only increase. In what ways can your ideas, and your knowledge, nourish the world?

You’ll only find out by starting your application for the 2020 Global Sustainability Challenge. This is your opportunity to work with teachers and mentors in the field, surrounded by the best and brightest student minds in agricultural biotechnology, while being evaluated and counseled by real-world academic and industry leaders who are currently using biotechnology to unlock new potential with the basic ingredients of life.

How do I choose a Challenge track?

Projects for consideration for the Global Sustainability Challenge focus on the intended or anticipated outcomes of the work, not the process or processes used to achieve them.  

  • Example projects could include but are not limited to:
  • genetic or other manipulations to crop plants to allow for optimal growth under adverse conditions (temperature, soil depletion, drought, insects, etc.)
  • beneficial symbiotic relationships to enhance yield
  • soil improvements
  • disease control
  • value added foods for human and animal benefit
  • improvements in animal health and reproduction
  • food security. 
  • Data analytics/computational bioinformatics modelling, and IT application - all related to agricultural biotechnology.

Application Process

If you are a high school or home schooled from the United States, your application begins by entering the At-Large or Local BioGENEius Challenges, depending on whether or not your state has a local challenge. If you are from another country, please click on your respective challenge link below:


Top finalists of the Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada (formally SABC) are invited to compete at the International BioGENEius Challenge. Please visit