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How to Apply for the BioGENEius Challenges

Whether you are an At-Large applicant or come as a State Partner Finalist, please read our checklist carefully to make sure you have everything in place to register:

  • 1.

    Please carefully read the Rules and Guidelines and determine eligibility.

  • 2.

    Before starting the application, review the Application Checklist and make sure you have all of the required information.

  • 3.

    Choose a Challenge track – Global Healthcare, Global Sustainability, Global Environment. Click here for more information about how to select the right track.

  • 4.

    Determine your entry point.

    1. If you are from the United States, your application begins by entering the At-Large or Local BioGENEius Challenges, depending on whether or not your state is a State Partner with its local competitions.
      1. Local competitions are hosted in California (Bay Area & Southern), Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. (Please stop here and follow the instructions indicated on the respective webpages.)
      2. The At-Large BioGENEius Challenge is a virtual competition available to high school students in the United States who do not live in the areas listed above.
    2. If you are from another country, please click on your respective challenge link below for more information. The top finalist from these challenges is invited to compete at the International BioGENEius Challenge.
      1. Canada
  • 5.

    Be prepared to complete your application in one sitting. You will create a login before you start and save your application and edit it before submitting it. Remember the email address and password used to create your login. (Note: Do not click the back button as you may lose all of your data.)

  • 6.

    Once all the fields have been filled and you have updated your poster (in PDF only), click submit. You will receive a message thanking you for your application, a link to your dashboard, and reminding you to submit three authorization forms: 1) You; 2) your Parent/Guardian, and 3) your Mentor.

  • 7.

    Your Parent/Guardian and Mentor will each receive their Authorization Forms by email. Please tell them to check Spam/Junk folders if not found. These forms must be returned to complete your application.

  • 8.

    If Parent/Guardian and Mentor forms are not received, please contact us at with the Subject heading: Authorization form not received!  Provide their name, email address and form title along with your name and email address.

  • 9.

    Once all the forms have been e-signed and submitted; you will receive an email confirmation that your application is complete and eligible for consideration (provided it is within the BioGENEius Rules and Guidelines and was submitted by your appropriate deadline).

Start here to begin your application process!

The 2024 BioGENEius Challenge application portal opens Friday February 23, 2024. Use "Apply Now" to first register to begin your application process.

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